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Last Updated: August 26th, 2019

Template Terms and Conditions

1. Pricing

All prices on the website are in Great British Pound (£GBP). 

You will be responsible for all costs related to your Squarespace account (including but not limited to: domains, hosting, monthly plans, annual plans, email accounts, etc).

2. License

Our templates come with a one time use license. This means they can only be used once per personal/commercial project. If you need to install the template more than once, multiple templates must be purchased. You may not under any circumstances resell the template design/any design materials included or claim the design as your own. 

In short, 1 template = 1 website only. 

3. Copyright

You may not share the template design/any design materials provided within your purchase with anyone else. Each template purchase may be used for one website only and should not be shared under any circumstances. 

4. Credit

Each website template must place our "Website Theme by Candor" credit in the website footer. However, you may ALSO credit yourself as the “website designer” for example, ‘Website Designed by ‘your name/business’.

5. Using For Clients

You can use our templates for your clients, however, you must place our "Website Theme by Candor" credit in the website footer. You may not, in any circumstance, claim or promote our website template designs as your own work.

6. Fonts & Images

Our templates feature photography sourced from free stock photography websites, however, we can’t guarantee that they will always be free to use. Candor hold no liability for any image licensing issues that may occur through the use of the supplied demo images. To avoid any photo licensing issues, you are required to replace all photographs with your own content.

All fonts used within our Design are built into Squarespace.

7. Requirements

Please read each template description carefully for specific requirements of each template. All templates require a Squarespace account and subscription to be installed and go live. 

Our graphics can be edited in either Canva or Photoshop depending on your preference, we include templates for both. Depending on the template, you may need to upgrade to 'Canva PRO/Canva for work' (a paid version of Canva), however, there is a free trial available for 30 days if you don’t want to subscribe. Joining the Canva trial is simply a suggestion and we can not be held liable or responsible for any costs should you forget to cancel your free subscription before the trial end date. 

Due to the design limitations of Canva, there may be some slight differences between the original template and Canva content. There is little/no difference in most cases and design graphics are completely customisable.

Template Support Policy

Although our templates are built with DIY in mind, we understand you may require support. Due to this, we are happy to offer email support with any issues that are related directly with the template itself.

This includes:

  • The template installation

  • Design files & downloads

  • Access to tutorials

This doesn’t include issues related to:

  • Squarespace advice/problems

  • Additional code and modifications

  • Software problems

  • Hosting, domains and email

  • Design advice

  • Coding questions

  • IT/Computer problems

By purchasing our templates, you acknowledge they are intended for DIY installation and customisation through our video tutorials. Therefore, a general understanding of a computer, canva or photoshop (depending on your choice) and the internet is required. If you feel like this is beyond your capability, please see our installation service by clicking here.

If you need support, please submit a support ticket by clicking here.

Refund Policy

Our templates are digital products and due to this, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges of any kind. Please review the template demos and features, program requirements and accompanying information prior to purchasing.

Template Installation Terms & Conditions

1. Service

Unlike our DIY templates, our Installation service means that we will be recreating the demo template exactly as it appears in the demo/photos on the Squarespace platform. Although we build on the Squarespace platform, we are in no way affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by Squarespace.

It will be your responsibility to add your existing content to your template once we have handed over the design.

2. Timeline

We will always do our best to have your template installed within 3 working days (Monday to Friday, 9:00 - 17:00). In the rare case that it will take longer, we will always let you know. Although rare, we cannot guarantee that installation will always be within 3 working days. 

3. Cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel an installation at any time. In the event of a cancellation, we will refund the full amount of the Install service only.

4. Installation

4.1 Transferring the template as a new site

Your template will be built here at Candor HQ, we will then transfer the site to you via site permission (the Squarespace associated email address you provided during purchase). Once accepted, the site will be inside your Squarespace account and ready to edit. It will be your responsibility to add your existing content to your template once we have handed over the design.

In order to receive the template, we require the email address associated with your Squarespace account. The templates are transferred prior to purchase of a Squarespace Subscription, causing lesser trial days.

4.2 Installing the template on a live site

Before we begin building, you will need to give us full access to the site by adding us in the permissions section of your Squarespace account. Full details on how to do this will be provided. Once we have been added to your site, we will aim to build the template within 3 working days. It will be your responsibility to add your existing content to your template once we have handed over the design.

Your site will not be able to stay live during the installation and so we will put an ‘under construction’ page up to prevent disruption to any visitors. All of your existing content will be moved to the ‘not linked’ section. Content you

5. CSS

Although most stylistic settings can be edited within your style settings, there may be a small amount of css included in your template. You do not have to edit this, however, can do so to your preference. 

6. Installation Includes:

6.1 Transferring the template as a new site

  • Transferring the Template to your provided Squarespace account as a new website.

6.2 Installing the template on a live site

  • Installing the template on your provided Squarespace account

  • Creating and installing a basic ‘under construction page’

  • Moving existing content to the ‘not linked’ section.

7. Installation doesn’t include:

  • Customisation of any sort

  • Anything unrelated to the Template

  • Revisions or Refinements

  • Adding your content 

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Squarespace Tutorials

  • Social Media Connection

  • Migration of Any Kind (content, domains etc.)

  • Domain Connection

  • Integrations of any sort

8. Errors & Content Changes

8.1 Loss of Content & Errors

We will always do our best to ensure that your existing site/content is protected, however, we cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong or accidental loss of content (of any kind) during the installation. This is unlikely, however, we always recommend backing up your content beforehand.

8.2 Squarespace Errors

We cannot be held responsible for any Squarespace related errors that result in the loss of content (of any kind) or other damages during the template installation.

8.3 Style Changes To Current Content

During the installation, we will be making stylistic changes that will apply to the entire site. This means that whilst we won’t edit your existing content, it will likely look different due to the new template settings. You acknowledge that your existing content will NOT look the same after the new template installation.